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Top tips for designing a logo

Posted in - Blog on October 3rd 2017 0 Comments Designing a logo

If you are looking at designing a new logo, consider these small tips. There is a lot more to it than you think. There are too many people creating bad branding. As a serious professional company you need to stand out.

I once read a blog about using a ‘visual double entendre’ in branding – i thought this was a good way to describe using two icons/elements wrapped into one interpretation of a company. Ie FedEx and the hidden arrow or the Amazon from A to Z link.

So things to consider:

Select your colours carefully
Colours have meanings, it’s important to pick something right and something that stands out from the competition. A good logo is versatile and will still function well in grayscale, where you are going to use it needs to be considered.

Avoid the cliches
Because every now and then you see trends in logo design. Make sure it’s unique and timeless.

Think about fonts
While it’s not always easy to create custom fonts there’s nothing that can give your logo a unique feel quite like customising something on the lettering.

Keep it simple
Consider proportion and symmetry. Simple but powerful logos stand out in the business world and always prove to be the best ones for standing the test of time. Look at Apple or Nike.

Also consider it’s meaning, whether it might be obvious or not. As mentioned earlier – the FedEx logo’s arrow indicates moving forward and making deliveries, the Apple logo has a “byte” missing.

So before you think about creating your own branding at home on your computer – think again. Logo designers are worth their weight in gold and for good reason — a logo is a company’s first impression, it can impact on their perception of you – which can influence purchase decisions and affects their attitude toward your product.

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