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Freelance design & web development for your overspill work

Posted in - Blog on September 15th 2015 0 Comments Freelance design and web development

Are you a design agency? Do you need a hand with online and offline design work?

In addition to creating our own websites and print design work, we are equally suited to working on your projects. We pride ourselves on our excellent web development and print design, and offer a hidden freelance service to web and …

Is your website ready for Google’s new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm

Posted in - Blog on March 27th 2015 0 Comments Mobile ranking algorithm

Even though we are increasingly using our mobile devices to surf the web, unfortunately not a lot of the web is optimised for our mobile devices. Mobile devices are often restricted by the display size and need content to be laid out differently on screen.

Responsive web design responds to the needs of the users and the …

Blogging and SEO: What to consider when writing copy

Posted in - Blog on September 22nd 2014 0 Comments How to write good SEO copy/blog

The blog is a powerful tool. Publishing blog content on a regular basis can provide a number of positive benefits, which include:

Brand building and awareness.
Demonstrating your expertise.
Developing relationships within your niche.
Creating an engaged and active community.
Generating leads.

Blogging and SEO copywriting used to be about optimising your copy by writing keywords and key phrases in certain …

Charity cookbook design

Posted in - Blog on June 4th 2014 0 Comments Encephalitis cookbook

In February 2014, we began a project to help the Encephalitis Society design their own cookery book to raise money for the charity.

We looked at what makes a cookbook great. What makes you want to turn the page over and over again. So often it’s more than just the content of the recipe, it’s also that …