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Gutenberg – WordPress 5 release

Posted in - Blog on November 26th 2018 0 Comments Gutenberg Wordpress 5 release

Gutenberg is the name of the new content editor to launch soon with the release of WordPress 5. It was basically created as a response to the current trend of page builders. The developers are working hard to reach the features of some of the top ones.  Custom page builders could become redundant once this …

Clean up your marketing data (GDPR)

Posted in - Blog on August 13th 2018 0 Comments

Caring about your marketing data and database has always been an important priority for every business professional, after all, it’s a great asset, as too is your CRM. Despite good intentions, the realities are often different and time pressures inevitably lead to shortcuts in good data management and over time, it becomes ‘messy’ and less …

Top tips for designing a logo

Posted in - Blog on October 3rd 2017 0 Comments Designing a logo

If you are looking at designing a new logo, consider these small tips. There is a lot more to it than you think. There are too many people creating bad branding. As a serious professional company you need to stand out.

I once read a blog about using a ‘visual double entendre’ in branding – i thought …

Understanding the law in email marketing and advertising

Posted in - Blog on May 15th 2017 0 Comments

There are laws and regulations you need to refer to when it comes to email marketing. You need to understand your obligations when it comes to sending email communications.

Here are the top ten main points:

1 – You must check if customers want to be contacted by you – either by phone, post or email.

2- If you …

How we approach the corporate branding process

Posted in - Blog on March 20th 2016 0 Comments The Finkk branding process

While a logo is the element that holds a brand together and makes it recognisable, brands aren’t just logos alone. When creating a brand identity, we don’t just look at the separate elements. We make sure we always work with the whole picture and how all the elements work together so that the message has …